Changing The Culture of Lifting

Our Team

William Cotell, Founder & CEO

He started his career as a firefighter and EMT in 1990. He was enamored with caring for the sick and injured and in 1995 went to school to become a paramedic.
Bill’s EMS journey began and ended in Vermont. He enjoyed the rural setting of long transports and extended patient care. He moved back to his hometown on Cape Cod to run a small transfer company, but his need for more 911 experience led him to the greater Boston area. He spent the next 18 years in that system and he was able to grow as a medic and then share his experience with future generations of prehospital providers. Bill saw many of his co-workers’ careers cut short due to preventable injuries. As a Director Of Operations for an ambulance company in 2019, with valuable resources constantly being lost to strains and sprains, he committed to do something about it. He established Elite Patient Handling Systems and is determined to change the way patients are handled in the field.

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Erik Oliver, Project Manager

Mr. Oliver is a native of Cape Cod, MA. and brings over 25 years of sales and marketing experience to EPHS. He has been the National Sales Manager of a winter sporting goods importer that partnered with some of the most recognizable brands in the outdoor industry including LL Bean, Orvis, and Nations Best Sports. As the Director of Sales for a multi media group, he assisted local and national accounts in the fishing industry in developing marketing strategies that resulted in greater brand awareness throughout the northeast.

He is excited to be a part of EPHS and will serve in many capacities to ensure that each client has the information, product, and support required for their success.