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Maxi Air Mattress

Maxi Air Mattress


The Maxi Air Mattress is best used for patients over 350 lbs on a bed, couch or other flat surface, to laterally transfer onto an EMS stretcher or from stretcher to hospital bed.

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This device comes in 3 sizes to accommodate all patients. The Maxi-air has a dual surface. The patient side is an approved surface for direct skin contact, with decrease risk of skin shearing with movement, it decreases skin ulcers. The bottom is a porous surface with small holes that allow air to pass through. A high-powered pump is affixed to the mattress and after inflation, the patient’s weight is completely supported. The mattress comes with handles designed to help guide the patient from one surface to another. Two providers are placed on either side of the patient and with an effort of 80% push and 20% pull, the patient slides over with minimal effort, on a small cushion of air. This device decreases the weight of the patient by 80%. This device can remain under the patient, fully deflated for 72 hours, is radiolucent and to be used repeatedly to transfer patients when fully inflated.

This device comes in both reusable and single use.